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Lim Shuang Ao: a morning thought


This is the fifth time I come to Parque del Retiro. Enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, the crispy wind, the scent of the grass, the symphony of the birds’ tweets and the sound of the leaves when the wind blows by. That moment, the touch of ineffable serenity has brought me back from the dull and mundane affairs. All of a sudden, I am grateful to literally everything. From the dusts to the universe, everything that exists and has ever existed allow me to feel what I feel now. The scene, the sound, the temperature,the scent and the spirituality. It is the moment that only “now” exists in the timeline.

I know I cannot take the above experiences for granted because no one knows whether I can feel the same years later. We are all aware that we have done something awful to the nature and I do appreciate and respect those who feel guilty and trying to compensate the mistakes of their kind. However, there is something that I would like to point out: do not garble the actions and changes we made are for the sake of the Earth. “Save Earth” appears in many environmental slogans. The fact is, Earth does not care what we do. What we need to know is that if we did nothing, forget everything about environmental conservation or sustainable development, we are the one who are going to be extinct. How about the Earth? After the doom of civilization, the Earth will continue its rotation and keep on evolving. Maybe after centuries, there will be others new species that start to conquer the Earth like we did, but that would be none of our business anymore.

Human is merely one of the species that exists in part of the Earth’s life. Afterall, the purpose of environmental conservation is to sustain the presence of human being. So, for the sake of yourself, for the sake of your child and for the sake of the loved ones, are you ready for the first step?

Lim Shuang Ao
Major in Environment and Sustainable Development, at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Intern at Fundación Vida Sostenible.

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