Interning with Fundacion Vida Sustainable was a highly valuable experience and equipped me with crucial skills that are transferable to my future career path. I was able to develop my research skills by writing in-depth  articles on topics that reflected upon my personal experiences, whilst engaging with novel issues. This pushed me beyond my boundaries and allowed me to develop my personal and professional potential. What I probably enjoyed most during my internship was being able to reconnect with my creative side. I used the illustration software within the firm to create infographics and banners for the new website, as well as developing illustrations to be published alongside my articles. These tasks significantly enhanced my ability to be precise and detail-orientated, whilst advancing my time management skills by adhering to deadlines. What I admired most about the firm is the way in which there was no visible hierarchical structure or the ‘intimidating boss’. Everyone was extremely friendly and the management strongly encouraged new ideas and were happy to implement them. Overall, interning with Fundacion Vida Sostenible allowed me to improve a number of essential skills employed within the working world, whilst broadening my knowledge on sustainability issues across the globe. Septiembre a octubre de 2017.